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Motherhood Is Bananas, Friends.

Not that it makes you crazy, although some of us feel a lot more cray a lot more of the time.

I’m talking the yummy, mushy, can’t get enough of it kind. But also the overripe, neglected; you missed its prime kind.

You see, right now, my kids are loving bananas. They ask for them every day – a taste at breakfast, an after-school snack. They crave them. They appreciate them.

Like the hugs I get at Kindergarten drop-off, the kisses they blow my way at bedtime as I wave one last goodnight before closing their bedroom door.

My mommy heart is full. And I pray they feel cherished, too.

But that’s not constant.

There are plenty of times they shout over me. They walk right past me. They reach for Legos instead of reaching out for me. They fight me. They ignore me. And if I’m not careful, I’ll start to question how good of a job I’m doing mothering at all.

They have so many other choices to satisfy their appetites.

Some friends are chewing on candies. But we know sweets are deceptive and will hurt your teeth and tummy.

And the world says Happy Meals make you happy. But we know too many fries will clog you up.

And so we pray-

God, help us to nourish them with the love and the hope and the truth you’ve planted in our hearts. Help them desire more of you most of all. Help us to realize the privilege it is to raise up your Kingdom come; help us to savor each season. Don’t let us forget how valuable we are.

Planted for a purpose. With great purpose.

I’ll keep reminding these boys of mine what’s good for them. I’ll keep offering healthier options. I know they won’t always choose them, but I’ll trust in the God who can grow us all, and I’ll ask Him to sustain and strengthen us every step of the way.

Motherhood is bananas, and I’m going to do all I can to do the best I can. I’m tired of the junk. I want more than that for my kids. And for me.

Love, Mommy


(Mommys15Minutes, Jaclyn Warren)

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