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Hi, my name is Mommy.

… or Mmmom or Mama or Mymama, however my youngest son chooses to let his words form today. I was given this name change at 31 years old, when our first son was born.  Being a triplet myself, and having sisters at that, the world of parenting an infant and embarking on a little boy’s journey was both curious and exciting.

I have prayed to God for wisdom, for mercy, for enough energy to rock a baby to sleep without falling asleep myself. I’ve asked for healing, for protection, for forgiveness many times. God is faithful. Before each of my four sons was born, I bought him a Bible of his own. Through tears of hope and joy, I included a prayer inside for him to know and trust our Savior Jesus, who has set us free and given us life. My desire is to live a life that shows them His love come alive and His Kingdom come.

This goal is not automatic. It takes work, it takes the arms of a strong man to lead the way. My husband is our guide. He prays for us, reads truth to us, and is the man I hope our boys will grow into. We are walking hand in hand, all the way home. Hebrews 13:14

Saved by Christ alone,

Jaclyn Warren

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