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Welcome, I’m Jaclyn! 


I’m a mama on a mission to remind us all (myself included) to slow down and savor the blessings of motherhood. I started this blog as a new mama, telling my husband I needed at least 15 minutes to take a break and reflect on the lessons God was teaching me as I fed, diapered, and picked up the same messes each day. And isn’t God just so faithful to reveal His goodness when we seek Him?!? Friend, no matter where you find yourself on this journey, motherhood connects us deeply, and I believe we all want to show our children a better way. 


Please stay a while and consider subscribing to my email to receive supportive love notes sent straight to your inbox. Your prayers and engagement mean so much to this community; there is a reason you’re here. So, slow down and be encouraged. It’s your turn for a timeout!  

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