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I’m A Mama Who Loves Fiercely, But I’m No Mama Bear.

I try my best to defend my family.

I love them with everything I’ve got.

But I’m not buying into the dominating ways of the mama bear.

I’m not raising my kids to rely on mama’s strength and security and smarts alone. I’m not the one who’ll always jump in and save the day.

Instead, I want my children to see what it means to cling to Jesus and submit to His authority.

Because I know I can fight hard, but I don’t always fight right.

I want to be brave, but I’m also prone to worry.

I’ll watch out for my kids, but I can’t control what’s out of my control.

But God.

But God can overcome battles in the spiritual realm.

But God is our refuge and strength.

But God knows our future, and if He allows it, He’ll use it for our good and His glory.

So, my kids don’t need their mama bear nearly as much as they need the protection and provision and blessed assurance of their Heavenly Father.

Yes, moms are strong. Still, I know my feeble attempts at perfection cannot compare to the perfect example we have in Jesus.

Yes, I will do my best to steer them away from danger and keep them healthy and safe. But ultimately, I know God does all these things so much better than I can. He’s been so faithful to prove it to me over and over again.

Parenting “my” way is futile unless I’m chasing God’s way first - in worship, in scripture, in prayer, in serving, in discipleship, in discipline, in humility, in my thoughts and actions and feelings.

Lord, I know I mess up a lot. But You don’t. Lead me so I can lead my children closer to You.

Help me be gentle.

Help me be gracious.

Help me to care more about Your way than mine.

I know You love my babies even more.

I want to trust You.


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