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A Card For My Kids This Mother’s Day.

I noticed the box of art supplies was out of place, and their little hands had little stains that come from magic markers.

Mother’s Day is close, and I can sense a secret project has been underway.

My husband is a master at planning those sorts of surprises that get too teary-eyed for pictures. The type of sincerity that reminds me that love wins and shows our sons that a kind word conquers all.

I am giddy. I am grateful, and I want to share a piece of my heart with them, too.

So, with your Daddy’s help, as he chases your playtime into laughter, I have put together a special card just for you. And although, no construction paper or glitter pens or crayons are in hand, i hope you find some of your favorite feelings tucked inside like treasure. My treasure.

So close your eyes to hear, my little dears; I have a card just for you.

For our little giants, who made me a mother, who taught me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me –

For the strong-willed, gentle hearts who’ve helped fill my heart with hope and broken it each time I realized I could not make all things better –

You have given us a glimpse of the best. You have given us the opportunity to try again. You have given us the grace to get better.

This mother’s day, I want to thank you.

Thank you for each sleepy, newborn smile that seemed to make me forget for a few seconds I hadn’t slept myself.

Thank you for each hug, even after your bites and pinches and hard hits. A hug always helped.

Thank you for giving in to that diaper change or being buckled in or even putting on pants all those times you’d rather not. You didn’t make it easy, but not much worthwhile ever really is.

Thank you for kissing my boo-boo when I tripped over the baby gate and stubbed my toe.

Thank you for teaching me that big love means being little and putting those I love above myself.

Thank you for being you. Because you are special. You are on purpose. You make a difference to me.

So laugh. Laugh loud as you watch the cartoon and try to imitate a clumsy fall.

So reach. Reach up, and I’ll give you help to stand tall.

So run. Run toward the truth, and find endurance to do your part.

So dream. Build a fort, build a tent, give your imagination a place to start.

So dance. Be the drummer, sing the song. Find your voice.

So trust. Know you matter; you are our Father’s pride and joy.

And tonight, we may play choo-choos or make some plastic supper in your play kitchen and pretend it tastes great. We may make laps around the dinner table or make cars speed in competition or listen to airplanes fly overhead, but whatever it will be, you will be with me, and I will be having the time of my life.

I will be spoiled. I will be grateful. I will be enjoying the gifts I have been given.

And not the kind wrapped up in pretty paper and bows. This kind is far greater, my little loves.


A happy mother indeed.



Friends, have you ever read Scripture as a love letter from our Father? I encourage you to consider a devotional that encourages your hearts to know that we are God’s treasure and beloved and focus on this truth on a regular basis. We all appreciate reminders that our struggles and our joys are on purpose, and there is no better place to find such assurance than God’s Holy Word. Read it with your families and steer them daily toward our greatest gift – Jesus

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