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A Love Note To Our Youngest As You Become Our Middle…


Savoring SO MUCH with baby brother’s arrival approaching quick. The time is right to share a love note to our youngest as you become our middle…

It is no surprise to you; you’ve seen my tummy growing; you’ve watched your older brother find mommy’s belly button and hug and talk to baby.

Yet, you manage to tug my shirt back down quick to cover and hide him.

I know you know.

A time is coming soon, in a matter of a couple short weeks, in fact, when he will be hidden no more. And you, my son, will no longer know yourself as “baby buh-buh,” but that is who he will be. You will no longer have the smallest hands and feet and tiny socks to cover them; he will.

And just like your big brother did, you will pass down your clothes and your blankets and your car seat and your crib to the precious little one who will need and use them, too.

And he will be the baby, and your big brother will be the oldest; and you, my son, will be the middle.

And in the middle is a fine place to be. You see, you have a unique position in this growing family of ours: A big brother who has gone before you and continues to lead the way.

You now will meet your little brother yourself, who will grow in the way you have always known, following in your footsteps. A smaller version of you to protect and teach and love on inside our home.

And mommy and daddy promise to put our love in action for each of you, equally the same. We vow to encourage and guide all of you, pray for you and train you up to be men who will make a difference in this world and make it better.

We commit to reminding each of you how important and valuable you are. We will love you uniquely, because each of you are just that. Even when someone is better or worse, happier or sad, in trouble or not, we will cover you in the same prayers for confidence in knowing that God knows you best and created you for great things. Kingdom things.

And even as this transition comes, and you watch a new baby snuggled up and held and fed and loved, know that it is because he is a gift from God, just as you are. He is in the position of becoming a best buddy, a trusted helper, who will be capable of lifting you up as you need it yourself one day.

And all may not be easy; it likely won’t be. And mommy and daddy may make mistakes; I can guarantee we will. Yet, we will be on this journey together; all of us learning and growing together.

And you will always be so very special to us. You will always be the one and only masterly created you, whose smiles light up our days and hands hold so much of our hearts.

You can and never will be replaced. You will be always remembered, always loved as the irresistible, gift of a middle child, our forever- treasured you.

Love, Mommy ❤

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