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A Post About Your Daddy.

My sons,

You see him up early, almost everyday, a part of your morning that comes with a scooped-up hug and smile that makes you smile, too.

Some days, he’s already beat the sunrise to the road, and you wake up asking – “where Daddy?” And I say, “he’s at work,” and I tell you why.

I say he’s gone to make money so we can buy groceries and have electricity and be safe at home. I say he is finding problems to be fixed and using his hero powers to help.

Your little legs run over to the window, but he is already gone. So I remind you he will be back and whisper a prayer, Lord, bring him home safely, and I thank God each time that He does.

We spend the day in play and questions and answers, and I watch you respond with gestures and expressions just like his. And I fall more in love.

You see, you are learning from a good man.

A man who unloads the dishwasher even though it’s one of his least favorite chores. All to make it easier for mommy.

A man who chases you around the dinner table even when he is tired. All because you said, “come on, run, Daddy, run.” So he runs.

A man who works long after you go to bed, so late. All because he’d rather spend a few more minutes with you while you are awake.

A man who reads scripture to you every night. Even when you don’t listen. All because he knows our Heavenly Father always does.

A man who still holds my hand in the car. All to make me feel loved and held onto.

There are some things he does now you are too little to notice. Yet, I want you to know —

Like how he budgets for his babies, because he wants to give you the best.

And how he looks for ways to serve, because he knows brothers and sisters are many and in need.

And how he prays when he is by himself, because when he is with God, he is never alone.

He is a warrior, raising up warriors in what can feel like a weakling world. But not his house.

He uses his heart and his head before his hands and seeks wisdom from above. He is strong with a strength of spirit that I’ve seen crush fears and failures and make the broken all better.

He falls but gets up. He hurts but does not hide. He asks for help, and he asks for forgiveness.

He is not perfect, but he knows who is.

And our Jesus, he loves the most.

Precious little ones, you are learning from the best of them. I pray you always pay attention as you watch the power of trust and grace in his familiar face.

Be strong not just because he is. Be strong because His God is. Because our God is stronger.

Be strong, because you know that God loves him, and God loves you, too. A love that does not leave. A love that does not end.


“Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9



I sobbed all over this post, because there is so much emotion in the integrity of a strong man. I am grateful to have a Dad myself who leads by serving and has always made me feel special and loved, the compassion and comfort of our Father above. His example made it easy for me to identify the character of a man who would offer guidance and grace to his bride and family and become a living testimony to the covenant love of our God. Not all of us are filled with such sentiment when we think of our earthly fathers or men in our lives. As we approach Father’s Day this weekend, you are encouraged to spend some special time with our Heavenly Father as you enjoy the delight of being adopted as an heir of the King. His arms are open. Let us run to Him. Luke 15:11-32; Romans 8:17

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