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This blog has been officially hijacked!

For months Mommys-15-Minutes has brought you witty and beautiful spiritual narratives of her journey through rearing our two rambunctious beautiful boys.  Now here’s a little Dad perspective.  I am proud to call this woman my wife and our boys are lucky to have her as their mommy.  There could simply be no better match.  The idea of commandeering her blog came to just a few days ago.  I came home from work and managed to unintentionally enter without getting noticed, stepping into silence.  Whaaaaaa? Blast, I’m at the wrong house.

I didn’t see our oldest start his race around the dinner table, head held high, eyes closed, wearing a big smile eager to show me what he and mommy crafted that day.  I didn’t see our youngest stammering around with a cold sippie cup of milk and a satisfied grin beyond each side of the spout.  His eyes scrunch up and seem to smile right along with his lips, just like mommy. JUST like mommy.  Jaclyn wasn’t standing there cheerful, though exhausted, and covered in Goldfish and yogurt shrapnel.

Nope.  Just silence.  Um, where were they? Should I take an advantage of the situation and go pass out on the bed and grab a power nap?  I heard the gentle clanking of plastic train wheels on the wooden track upstairs, but no giggles or toddler chatter, so I decided to go investigate.

At the top of the stairs I could see something special.  Mommy was reciting Scripture and the boys were playing.  Quietly playing.  Moving but listening.  She was going over the part about the Hebrew people wandering the wilderness on their journey with God.  They trusted but sometimes had a difficult time with it.  They were simultaneously in awe of the Creator but not at peace and constantly groaning.  Gosh, that sounds like my parenting sometimes…

God, thanks for these awesome boys and this beautiful wife, but could I please get a few moments to myself?  Can I please go finish that deck project? Can I please go trim up the landscaping?  Can I please go for a short run to clear my mind?  What about this? What about that?  When is that going to get done?

God says: “yea about that… nah, you are needed here at this moment, so here’s more manna and pipe down or I’ll flood you with quail.”  Figuratively speaking, I don’t’ know what quail would be in this analogy but I’m sure if I pushed God for what I want I would get a heaping dose of something with humility sauce poured all over it.

Heavenly Father, forgive me.

I constantly praise God for these little boys, but simultaneously clinch my jaw because I tell myself my time has been hijacked by giggly, two-foot tall, blonde-headed banshees.  Jaclyn could have easily slipped back into the recliner or turned on Paw Patrol and just enjoyed a few moments to herself.  But she knows what’s important.  She knows there’s a lot at stake here.  A 2 and 1-year-old’s mind is dry and hungry soil, waiting to be watered and sowed with seed and nutrition.  She was providing that spiritual nourishment.  And that’s what a good mother does.

We read scripture to them everyday even if they don’t understand.  We want them to get used to God’s holy word being spoken.  There’s something powerful about it being spoken.  It has gravity.  It can be experienced by more than one sense.  We both will one day have ample time on our hands and I’m sure that moment will be flooded with the memories we had when these boys were playing toy trains and trying to tackle each other.

She is a great mommy and our family is all the better for it.  I love her and I hope you see why.  Aaaaaaaaaaaand I think this took longer than 15 minutes.  Some negotiations may be in order 😉

Happy Mother’s Day, Babe!


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