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I Chose My Job.

Well… I should say, my job chose me.

The topic comes up this time of year. New beginnings, new decisions. Old debts, old dreams. Mommies questioning their calling, their ambitions, purpose and passions. Mommies validating, and often comparing, their roles, their challenges, their days and their nights.

Who gets less sleep, gets less respect, deserves more sympathy, encouragement, compassion?

That’s easy — we all do.

Some of us stay home with our kids all day, and it is work. Tantrums galore, no privacy, no breaks. Living on a budget and a prayer that ends will meet. Still keeping a to-do list, like we did at the office; even though, 4pm sees us still not checking stuff off. Don’t know what’s in style; not sure where we’d wear it anyway. Wouldn’t trade it for a million bucks.

Some of us leave for work then come back home to work some more. Holding back tears when babies say goodbye and counting the minutes until their hugs hello make it better. Up and ready early in the dark, on the clock and on the go, putting our talent to work to help our families and others, showing little eyes what superheroes really do when they rush off to save the day.

No matter where or how, easy or tough it may seem, we mommies, Do.

We do what’s best for them – our babies – those little or big kids who are the reason we were given the name Mommy in the first place.

No matter where we go to work, if our hearts are ultimately investing in bettering their lives, we are doing the right job – the best job. The one that chose us. The one sent straight from God above.

None of us were really prepared for the position, were we? No books, homework or classes could help. We tried them. No lectures or advice could talk down the tears we’d cry when they cried all night once we brought them home.

Yet, we all made the choice. Keep on.

Keep pushing.

Keep rocking.

Keep moving.

Keep praying.

Keep dreaming.

Keep thanking God for each new morning they simply looked up at us and grinned.

To be Mommy – the biggest and best battle and richest reward of our lives.

We trust we were given such a title for a reason. We try our best. We fail, and we try again. We learn it’s not always about the challenge, the mistakes, the cries that came.

Instead, it’s about how we admitted our faults, forgave and were forgiven, how we must remember that no list will ever keep count of those little hugs and kisses that eventually made us, each of us, okay each day.

We are all making memories and experiences we can share. Savor them. We are all needing support and a cheer along the way. It is not about comparing or defending our pay or our hours; it’s about making the most of the time we do have. It is going quick.

So whether we are reading (or writing) these mommy blog posts at 2pm with a cell phone and a sleeping baby who won’t nap in his bed, or at 4pm in a cubical when we just can’t look at another spreadsheet or at 11pm when we should be sleeping, but our shift has just ended, we are all – ALL IN – for the same reason.

They call us Mommy.

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