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Mom Confession Monday.

So, the last several weeks have been a little like repeating one long (hard) day, and I’ll say more on that later, but I’m forcing myself to take a “15” and spend a little time coming clean and hopefully encouraging you, also.

Let’s begin with the state of the union around here. I try to keep up the house as best as I expect a stay-at-home mom to manage, but let’s be real, those Lysol cleaning wipes and laundry-packed dresser drawers are only going to get us so far. A time is coming soon, when I’ll be forced to scrub up and dust up and hang up and take down and somehow organize tote after tote of 18 month to 5 year old boy clothes. I’m worn out already. 

On top of that, gals, I’m wearing fancy undies. And I’m not at all feeling fancy. Let’s just say, I either am really behind on laundry or I’ve got to buy some more lady briefs, because this is just ridiculous.

I made the boys smoothies for snack, but I left out the spinach and added chocolate syrup instead – just because.

The kitchen table is a mess, they’ve watched a movie and pushed off homework, and I’m just trying to make it to 5pm without a breakdown (coming from me).

And I confess. I’ve not done today right.

I’ve worried. I’ve wondered if I’m doing enough, if I’m able to do more.

I’ve controlled. I’ve chased my big boy around with Benadryl and Essential Oils and everything I can think of that I can do to help cure his cough. As if I could.

I’ve given in when I should’ve stood firm. I’ve been distracted when I should’ve given my full attention.

I look at that kitchen table, all a mess, and I just want it to be all clean.

And I confess. I am a mess.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3

And in the middle of a Monday, Jesus reminds me that it’s not about me at all. It’s about Him – His Kingdom that’s come.

And it doesn’t matter whether I’ve done today entirely right – because I won’t. And it’s okay to confess I’ve not got it all together – because I don’t.

What does matter is that same kitchen table that’s piled up with toys and sprinkled with crumbs is the same table where I read my Bible this morning, reassuring my boys Jesus can calm the storms.

And it’s how my boy just came to hug my neck and tell me – Mom, I love you. And how these boys played together, imaginations soaring, living in the comfort that brotherhood can bring.

If we just come to our Bible, open it up and find Him, and we can reconsider what today’s priorities really are. And if we meet with Jesus, today could be a really good one, after all.



Friends, how’s your Monday? Do you have any tidying up to do? How do your children respond when you are living with Kingdom priorities instead of today’s to-do list ones? We are not on this adventure alone, and I’m cheering you on. Grateful for those who cheer. So very loved! 

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