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My Answer to the “List Your Occupation” Question

I’m a work-at-home Mommy. I know who Chica is, the words to the Thomas the Train theme song and exactly how much time I have to fold a load of laundry before anyone notices I’m missing.

My battles include holding my son down to change a diaper he doesn’t want, picking up a gazillion sandwich bags he decided to cover the kitchen floor with and finding creative ways to distract the next tantrum from coming on.

I check facebook for a glimpse into what’s happening with friends and family, and the closest to a professional conversation I’ve had in years now was making a complaint to an online retailer who denied the voucher I purchased for a canvas print that we could not afford otherwise. After our talk, they made it right.

My day-to-day may not be much different than yours, but I want to document it all. I take too many pictures. So many, I know what Dropbox is and have maxed it out. I want to capture every first and record every laugh and word, and I waste minute after minute trying to go back and delete the third, fourth and fifth version of the same shot to make room on my phone for the new ones.

I am a teacher, a coach and a doctor Mom. It never gets old. It does get tiring, and I know when nap time is over for our oldest, there’s typically an hour left before Daddy is off work.

And even on days I don’t feel like I’ve done enough, I know I am working my way up to my reward.

I sing Jesus Loves Me, and now my toddler says “Jesus” like he does “daddy” and “mommy.”

The more I love and serve God, the more they will see how God deserves to be loved and served.

The more I read His letters and talk to Him, the more I hear Him teach me about what parenting His children means.

And that is my job. To parent His children.

Whether a work-at-home or work-in-and-outside-of-home Mommy or Daddy, our primary title requires us to raise up a Kingdom of kiddos who trust and obey Him.

And so I may sit on the couch next to my toddler and spend 15 minutes watching him watch his favorite TV show, and I am not being lazy. I am being with him.

I may lay on the floor as my 7 month old tries to crawl, and I am not wasting time. I am making memories.

I let my son run off with our Bible story book right after I began today’s reading and summarized the passage from heart, because I want him to want that book, and I am thankful to have been taught the Scriptures myself.

We have only a short time to be a big part of their lives. I pray I use my time and my title wisely.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

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