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Two Mommy Must-Haves.

When you become a mom, why do they not give you a can of Lysol and laundry detergent right then and there? Like before you leave the hospital?

I mean you’ve done laundry, you bet, but not THIS MUCH laundry.

And you’ve cleaned puke before, unfortunately, but not THIS MUCH puke.

And as I think back on how the flu virus, then a stomach bug invaded our home and invaded our guts these past two weeks, I just wish I had more Lysol and laundry detergent.

I wish I would’ve told that less-seasoned and more-stressed-out new mom version of me that there was some messy stuff around the corner, and I’d be the one doing most of the scrubbing up.

Not to intimidate myself or worry myself, but to realize I’d HAVE TO step up into that same STRENGTH God was so gracious to let me grab a hold of as I held my husband’s hand and inhaled and exhaled and pushed.

And I’d still need all that reaching up for it – God’s strength – in the midst of the murk and mess. And He’d stay gracious to offer it to me day in and day out.

And I’m still breathing deep and hard and pushing myself past any limits I had put on myself.

Because I don’t want the struggle to win. Because I want to remain standing.

After ten years married. After four kids in six years. After all the nights awake and all the clothes washed and all the sick days and the throw up.

I get weary and worn out.

But I’m helping clean up this chaos of a world in a dependable and humble and important way.

By simply being a Mom. With some Lysol. And some Laundry Detergent.

(Mommys15Minutes, Jaclyn Warren)

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