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A Hot Beautiful Mess Of A Day.

Sure, we’ve all had them.

Two-year-old is going on day five of a cold. Breathing treatments and all. One-year-old has picked up his cough and refuses his medicine. Spits. It. Out. Everywhere.

I’ve had an upset tummy and weighed-down mind, back and forth on whether to go see their doctor, back and forth on what’s for supper.

My husband mentions work next week and a possible out-of-town trip, and I cannot muster enough energy to think that far ahead.

Then this.

(insert picture of my cuddle bug)

 He is cozied up by my side as if he’s always belonged there. He has been there often.

And I know he belongs to someone else. I remember to whom I do.

“But you belong to God, my dear children.” 1 John 4:4

Peace. We are still.

And it quiets me, and I smile, and it could quite possibly be the greatest Tuesday ever.

Our oldest son coughs less frequently, as I hear the tick tock of the clock through his baby monitor keep time. Rest, he needs it. Rest, we all need. And I savor. And I give thanks for this hot, beautiful mess of today.

I give thanks for the littlest sleeping soundly on my arm and for his brother, who is well enough today to rest in his bed at home.

I give thanks for my husband who works hard, how much he provides, the food we can buy to fill bellies.

I give thanks for the clock that ticks and reminds me the worth of each moment that goes so fast.

Let us enjoy our days.

Like this one. Messy and beautiful and made just for me.



“This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

Read 1 John 4 aloud, and savor it. We have the Spirit of God in us; who shall we fear? We have the Spirit of God in us: who can we love? Today? God has overcome our fears, our messes. How do we KNOW He loves us? He made our mess beautiful. How about you, friends? Is your day messy or beautiful or both? Any sunshine through the clouds? Send a message or comment an encouraging word. Always find something worth savoring.

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