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Little Friday

Today is Thursday. When I worked in an office, I used to call it “little Friday.” A coworker first mentioned the term as we waited for the elevator. She said it seemed to make the weekend come quicker. I think it did. Quicker. When our first son was a newborn, I cherished his “coos” and cuddles. However, a part of me wished time would speed up enough to get him through the most sensitive stages of early life. I wished we’d hurry through flu season and the dry air of winter. Now, as I watch his long arms reach up inside the kitchen drawers, I know how fast it did go. Slow down. I am learning to let life slow down. I don’t want it to rush by.

Today started off with a treat when my husband brought me my “newspaper and breakfast in bed.”

We ordered a blending “bullet,” and he makes the most delicious smoothies. I sipped in a smile as I cradled our youngest son across my lap. My husband had already gotten our oldest boy started on his cereal and knew just the right way to let some sunshine in. I have a habit of checking facebook in the morning, so I quickly read my “paper” and eased up to start the day.

Today’s Bible story passage was from Genesis, and I told the boys of the mistake in the garden. The biggest bad decision ever made. The story said, “Satan lied. But the woman chose to believe him instead of God.” I reread it to myself and paused at how I’ve done the same. Satan lied. But Jaclyn chose to believe him instead of God. Amazing grace; thank you, God, the story goes on. I put down the book. My oldest son can say “apple” now. He repeats it many times. My task is to make sure he understands good fruit, and spiritually that means truth verses a lie. Today, we started in the beginning. Today is an important one.

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