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To All Google-It Moms.

As I was scrolling my newsfeed, taking in tips on top baby toys, which essential oils cure colds and why we should or should never vaccinate, I wondered if something could be missing.

If you pulled up my search history, you’d soon find I could minor in pediatric healthcare, given page after indexed page of WebMD and Babycenter info on everything from bruise color to poop color.

After all, if I can better help, protect or nourish my babies, I will.

I’ve read article after article on why vaccines take life and sustain it. It’s a big deal.

I’ve researched and paid for pricey essential oils and am still investigating which recipes to use and diffuse. It’s an investment.

I put locks on our cabinets. I put chemicals and detergent up high out of reach. No one is getting upstairs unless they can operate the mechanics of a not-so-easy to open baby gate.

If my son gets a fever, he will get medicine. If he scrapes his knee and bleeds, a kiss and a bandaid on the boo-boo.

Some instinct, some advice, some Google to help Mommy along the immediate and often bumpy road we’re on. And this is good, and this is smart, and this is being in control of what we can be.

But what about those things we can’t?

I think of a friend who caught the flu virus a couple winters ago. She became so ill, she was hospitalized, and I watched her passionate plea on the 6 0’clock news. Her message: Get a flu shot; even those in great health like her were at critical risk without it. I remember her face when she stated she didn’t think twice about getting the shots to protect her children but had gotten busy and forgot to take the same precaution for herself. She had let time get away, and she and her family were put at the mercy of something beyond her control.

This brings me back to where I began.

Is our research, our sharing, our advice just scratching the surface of the real help we need?

Are we getting distracted by the bruises and band-aids, and are we letting time get away? Are we losing what is most important? Are we losing our hope?

Moms, I encourage you to take some time to explore what is critically beyond our control, our own reason, our expertise.

Take a topic like faith or spirituality, something bigger than us, and read up. Talk about that at play dates or ball practice, and ask your friends.

Be open. Take notes. Be ready to encounter real life events, struggles and rescues that even Google cannot explain away.

Because friends, at the end of the day, we must be sure what we say we believe is what we believe, and that we would stake our lives and the lives of our babies on it. Life here on this planet and life after we are gone.

It is worth the time, and it is worth the search.



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Message me or comment if you’d like to hear more of my story and my search. Best decision I’ve ever made, and you can be sure my kids will hear about it. Nothing more important than lives saved.

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