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I Dare You

Yesterday, I accepted the dare.

I was scrolling through my facebook newsfeed, and I saw a shared post from my sister. It originated from Ann Voskamp, who wrote the book “1000 Gifts,” which I read through smiles and tears, and I should reread more often. In the book, she reminds us as Belivers how richly blessed we are. Not blessed in the sense of fame and fortune or even ease and rest; rather, how we are surrounded by the infinite wonders and sparkling creation from the Master Himself. Blessed indeed. We are made to rejoice, to give Him praise, to give Him thanks. Daily.

She labeled the dare: A scavenger hunt for God’s glory:

Today is Day 2. I am posting my gifts on the refridgerator. Today’s post calls for three gifts read, so I thought back on my morning:

1. “God knows all about me” by Kate Toms. I read this book to my oldest son before his nap, and he studied the pages. He fell asleep with the book tucked under his arm. “From the beginning to the end, God will always be my friend: God knows all about me.” Yes, he does, little buddy.

2. My Mother’s Day card from my husband. I have it on display in our bedroom, pink and glittery. He knows me well. A love letter. My son picked it up and played. I moved it back. I went in our room to reread it during nap time. Tears of joy.

3. Proverbs 31.

This scripture was scetched in the card, and I opened the Bible to take it all in. Challenged. Inspired. Convicted. Encouraged. I pray for forgiveness for being less so often. I want to be more. More than rubies, He tells us. We can be.

I write down these gifts, and I thank the Giver. I dare you to join me.

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