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Why Syria Matters?

You can’t look away.

In six years of civil war, Syria has lost 1% of its population — that’s an estimated 250,000. People.

And that’s not lost as people move, escape. That’s lost to death. A forever farewell.

You can’t look away.

The government. The people promised to be protected by the government – taken hostage by extremists, taking advantage of the unrest.

Chemical weapons. Convulsions. Children pale, bled out.

You can’t look away.

A Sunni and Shiite at war.

In 33 AD, Christianity was founded. Almost 570 years later, Mohammed founded Islam. Crusades continue. We must look beyond who is launching the bombs.

It is not fair to watch and then do nothing. It is not enough to go hug your babies, while their babies gasp for breath.

But what can we do?

Speak up. Don’t just talk about the spills and the tantrums and the toys at home. Ask around — who’s heard about the war, who’s fighting and why? Make the world smaller by simply sharing their stories. Stories of families ripped apart, stories of families surviving and seeking salvation. Seeking to be saved.

Show off. Syrians are here. And bringing century-old ideas of Western America with them. It’s time to live out the love and joy we cling to. Not all of this nation knows such freedom, yet we are called to extend the grace we’ve encountered through the gift of the gospel. Show them what the gospel gives us.

Pray. And we see the war footage and thank God it is not our children. But it is theirs. And there is a space in our hearts that aches, and I trust there is a reason for it. Our God is the God of every tongue, tribe and nation. He created each heart that is set to beat, and His heart must break for each life the enemy snatches away. Pray for the hurting, the helpless across this world. Pray with willingness to do whatever God wants to do with you.

No fear. People are dangerous. Those born and raised here. Those born and raised there. Be on guard against the devil, but have no fear. I have watched families welcomed to break bread with families from afar, and they all ate together. And they smiled and asked questions and talked about Jesus. And there are hugs. Each visit, there are hugs.

And as we wake and go to sleep in our safe homes in America, we join together and say Syria matters. A war between innocence and brutality matters. It is bigger than this world, and it is teaching me that my part in responding or not — will make a difference. Yours will, too.



Friends, this was a hard post. I hate what is happening in Syria. I hate the feeling that this cosmic war continues to take captives on the dirt of this planet. Yet, the battle rages. We must be conscious of who is fighting and what is at stake. So much is. Be encouraged that God knows our hearts — each of them — and He has promised to rescue and return. Hold strong to His promises and live them each day. His love never fails.

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